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Chronic Health Conditions

In 2016, the total costs in the U.S. for direct health care treatment for chronic health conditions totaled $1.1 trillion—equivalent to nearly six percent of the nation's GDP. The most common chronic health conditions in the U.S. are hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia, and osteoarthritis.

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Eighty percent of all health problems are NOT due to aging but to improper care of your body over a lifetime. Many of the top causes of death in US are preventable diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices – heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity etc. Your body works on a system of checks and balances. The goal is to keep your body functioning optimally so it can continually adapt and keep things in balance. Balance maximizes your body’s performance and prevents health issues.

Inflammation is the biggest culprit of chronic health issues. Some inflammatory triggers are: diet (excess sugar, alcohol, processed food, fast food), medications, infections, stress, hormonal imbalances, neurodegeneration, toxins and metabolic disease (diabetes, digestive issues, autoimmune issues).

Once you have developed a chronic health condition such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease (stroke, heart attack), arthritis or obesity, all is not lost. Working with a qualified functional medicine practitioner like Dr. Monique will give you tools to significantly improve your health. Dr. Monique will recommend an anti-inflammatory diet, exercise regimen and series of nutritional supplements to optimize your health. Functional nutrition works to correct the underlying imbalances in your body with diet and supplements. Once the imbalances are corrected, you no longer need those supplements. The goal is to give your body the nutrients it needs to restore balance and function. Many of our patients’ health improves so much that they can often reduce the number of daily medications they are on and some no longer need them. (Our patients work with their prescribing doctors to modify their medication intake.)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the old saying goes. It is critical that people get the right balance of macronutrients in their diets (protein, fats and carbs) as well as adequate fiber, vitamins and water. Proper hydration can help with headaches, fatigue, body aches and proper elimination as well. It is nearly impossible to intake all the vitamins and minerals we need even with the healthiest diet therefore it is imperative to have a regimen of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. to maintain optimal health.

We also need to have a balance between strength, endurance and flexibility to maintain optimal physical health. Cardio, strength training and stretching should be a regular part of your health regimen, just like brushing your teeth.

Regular chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture help boost your immune system and optimize your body function thereby reducing the development of chronic health conditions.